Congratulations on Your Admission to NMU

Love NMUWe hope you are excited and ready to take the next steps to become a student at NMU. For next steps, please see the list below.

Your admission counselor's role is to assist you in the process. We have found that every student and family has different needs, so the steps leading to enrollment listed in this guide may vary for you in timing, order, or importance. Every path is different because it is YOUR path. You may have some college credits under your belt. Your financial plan may be well established or about to begin. You may have already visited the campus or you might be planning your first trip. Your housing needs may be unique. 

No matter what your situation, please know your admissions counselor is here to listen and to help. Please contact your counselor if any questions arise. He or she will be reaching out to you, too.

Next steps for enrollment

Activate MyNMU Save Your Seat at Orientation Choose Your Campus Living Plan Your Financials


Will you have earned college credit prior to orientation? Remember to request college transcripts and AP or IB exam scores be sent to NMU.  The earlier we receive these, the more helpful we can be in planning your first semester schedule and academic plan.


You can also start meeting people now through NMU's social community on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and with the hashtag #shareNMU or talk with a current student.