Northern Michigan University offers a variety of housing options.  Most freshman and sophomore students are required to live in a residence hall.  Students may request an apartment if they meet one of the following requirements:  at least 21 years old, a veteran, junior status (at least 56 credits), or have lived in a residence hall for four semesters.  Family housing is available for students that are married and/or have children.

Residence Hall Room Damages

At the beginning of each year, your residence hall staff will inventory your room and note all needed repairs.  You and your roommate will have the opportunity to review this Room Inventory and add any damages or repairs your RA may have missed.  After this inventory Residence Hall Roomhas been completed and checked by you and your roommate, you and your roommate will be held responsible for any and all damages other than what is noted on the inventory.

During the move-out process, the inventory will be checked by your resident adviser and the responsibility for any damages or missing items will be assessed against you, your roommate or both of you, depending on who takes responsibility for the damaged or missing items.  If neither you nor your roommate takes responsibility, the charge is equally split between the two of you.  The money collected as a result of these billings goes toward the repair/replacement (including labor cost) of the damaged or missing item(s).

Apartment Charges

  • Student families pay per month
  • Single students pay per semester

When you move into your apartment you will receive a packet of information that highlights information about your apartment area including who your community adviser is and an apartment inventory form.  Take the time to look over your apartment to identify the condition of the apartment before you move in.  When you move out the Housing and Residence Life staff will assess the condition of your apartment upon your departure and assess charges accordingly.