Early College Credit

NMU welcomes students participating in early college credit programs to apply for admission and enroll at NMU.

Dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, early/middle college, post-secondary enrollment opportunities (PSEO), youth options, advance placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) are among the many ways students earn college credit early. No matter how you may be earning college credit prior to high school graduation, we want to work with you to meet your goals.

Students who complete college-level work prior to receiving their high school diploma are considered to be entering first-year students (with credit). New freshman admission and scholarship policies apply.  NMU class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) is determined after college transcripts are received and evaluated transfer credit. 

We have tools to help you think about the college courses you may want to take while in high school.  Courses that provide credit satisfying the General Education portion of a degree offer the most flexibility and keep your options open as you consider what career and major you may want to pursue.
Students are considered transfer students if they decide to continue pursuing college work after receiving their high school diploma and prior to attending NMU. Transfer admission and scholarship policies apply.

Transfer guides, exam equivalencies, and advising guides can be helpful road maps, and we have those too. Some students really want to read our course catalog or research "what to do with a major in ____?" We encourage you to dig in and play with these tools. But keep in mind, we are also here to help.

Applying is easy; submit your application and provide transcripts and test scores as noted. Many scholarships are awarded at the time of admission