Learn at NMU - Undergraduate Research

Students with their ProfessorMost people consider student research to be reserved for the graduate level, but that’s not the case at NMU. At Northern, undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working on individual or group research projects or by assisting professors with their research. Students have the opportunity to contribute to manuscripts, articles and books. Many students also get the chance to present their findings at regional and national conferences.

Research isn’t restricted to science-related areas of study. Students in all majors can get involved in research in their programs. Whether students are collecting water samples from a river or conducting a survey of area residents to determine how they feel about a new city ordinance, students will get the experience they need to improve their research and analytical skills and to prepare themselves for their future careers or graduate education.

NMU students in a streamRead about our annual "Celebration of Student Works" in addition to these three examples.

Biology-Brain tumor research is being conducted on campus to investigate the causes of brain tumors as well as treatment methods.  Students learn to work with DNA, RNA, and how to grow cells.  This research has been recognized at the Society of Neuro-oncology National Conference.  

Speech Language and Hearing Sciences-Undergraduate student, Andrea Selmser, conducted research to study the effects of improvised explosive device blasts and traumatic brain injuries in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sel's poster of her research was accepted at the Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury in Washington D.C.

Honors Program-Students have the opportunity to design and conduct a research project under supervision of a faculty member during their last year of study.  The research project is part of the senior capstone experience and serves as a culmination of the program.

The Grants and Research office also offers a number of resources for students interested in pursuing research. 

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