AAUP 2006-09 Contract

Table of Contents

Article I General Provisions

1.1 Definitions
1.2 Recognition
1.3 Nondiscrimination
1.4 Information
1.5 Separability; Minimum Requirements; Negotiations
1.6 Association Use of Facilities and Services
1.7 Agency Shop
1.8 Dues or Service Fees Checkoff
1.9 Faculty Orientation Week
1.10 Complete Agreement
1.11 No Strike or Lockout

Article II Management Rights
Article III Faculty Participation in Academic Affairs

3.1 Departmental Affairs
3.1.1 Bylaws
3.2 College Level Affairs
3.2.1 College Advisory Councils
3.3 Academic Senate
3.3.2 Educational Policy Committee
3.3.6 Faculty Review Committee
3.4 University-Wide Affairs

Article IV Grievance Procedure
Article V Faculty Personnel Policies

5.1 Academic Appointments
5.2 Academic Titles and Minimum Criteria for Appointment
5.3 Faculty Appointment Procedure
5.4 Faculty Evaluation
5.4.2 Faculty Personnel Records
5.5 Tenure and Promotion Policy
5.5.7 Tenure and Promotion Review Process

Article VI Professional Responsibilities

6.1 Professional Responsibilities Released-Time Credit
6.2 Instructional Responsibilities
6.3 Academic Advising, Registration, and Student Consultation Responsibilities
6.4 Academic Freedom and Responsibility
6.5 Professional Development
6.6 Consultant and Outside Activities
6.7 Other Provisions
6.7.3 Distance Education
6.8 Professional Accomplishments

Article VII Budget Reduction: Layoff and Recall
Article VIII Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence

8.1 Sabbatical Leaves
8.2 Other Leaves
8.2.2 Annual Leave
8.2.3 Personal Leave Days
8.2.4 Sick Leave
8.2.5 Family Care Leave
8.2.6 Expert Witness Leave
8.2.7 Funeral Leave
8.2.8 Jury Duty Leave
8.2.9 Holidays
8.3 Child Care and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave
8.4 Military Leave of Absence
8.5 Personal Leaves
8.6 Professional Development Leaves
8.7 Political Activity Leave
8.8 Continuation of Fringe Benefits and Coverage During Leaves
8.9 Illness or Disability Leave

Article IX Compensation (Salary and Fringe Benefits)

9.1 Salary
9.1.1 Minimum Salary
9.1.2 Salary Increases Promotions Merit Distribution
9.1.3 Effective Dates of Salary Increases
9.1.4 Compensation for Additional On-Campus Assignments Directed Study Courses Faculty Load and Compensation for the Direction of Graduate Research, Practicism, and Theses
9.1.5 Compensation and General Provisions for Off-Campus Extension and Field Course Duties
9.1.6 Summer College Salary
9.2 Fringe Benefits
9.2.1 Hospitalization and Medical Benefits Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits
9.2.2 Short-Term Disability
9.2.3 Long-Term Disability Insurance Return from Long-Term Disability Lease
9.2.4 Life Insurance
9.2.5 Retirement
9.2.6 Bookstore Discount
9.2.7 Tuition Scholarships
9.2.8 Recreation Membership
9.2.10 General Liability Insurance
9.2.11 Dependent Care Assistance Plan
9.2.12 Prescription Drug Program
9.2.13 Dental Benefits
9.2.14 Optical Benefits
9.2.15 Flexible Spending Accounts
9.2.16 Parking Fees
9.2.17 Taxable Benefits

Article X Discipline and Dismissal
Article XI Duration of Agreement

Members of the Negotiating Teams

Appendix A: Faculty Evaluation Processing Forms
Appendix B: Request for Authorization to Perform Consultant Service
Appendix C: Designation of AAUP Released-Time Credit Form
Appendix D: Bylaw Submission Procedures - Document 1
                   Bylaw Submission Format - Document 2
                   Submittal Form for Approval of Departmental Bylaws
Appendix E: Bullard Plawecki Employment Right to Know Act (Excerpt)
Appendix F: Location of Faculty Record
Appendix G: Faculty Evaluation Report
Appendix H: Sabbatical Replacement Costs/ Sabbatical Application Cover Sheet for Administrative Tacking Purposes