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You, Monetary Policy, and the Economy: The Fed’s Perspective


President Narayana Kocherlakota of the 9th District Federal Reserve was the first speaker in this year's "Your Wealth" lecture series. His speech took place on Sept. 23 in Reynolds Recital Hall. President Kocherlakota spoke about the Federal Reserve's perspective on monetary policy in the economy and how it affects people around the country. Watch the presentation

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Center Partnerships
School House Encourage your school district to become a member of the Developmental Economic Education Partners (DEEP) network.  DEEP members are school districts that make a commitment to integrating economics and entrepreneurship in their curriculum. DEEP Partners
Teacher at blackboard

 Teachers and administrators can play a key role in advancing economics and entrepreneurship learning into the curriculum of schools across the Upper Peninsula by serving as an educator associate who trains and works with other teachers.  EA Partners

open book The NMU-CEEE facilitated the publication of No Social Studies Left Behind. The book was written by Iris Katers, a teacher at Marquette’s Graveraet Intermediate School, and printed at NMU. Two Northern students, Kim Wheeler and ReAnna Ruzzicone, assisted with writing and editing the book.

Common Sense: Economics for Life

milwaukeeNMU's Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship recently visited Milwaukee and Miller Park where it offered Wisconsin and Michigan teachers an online course package which paired the economics primer Common Sense Economics: What everyone should know about Wealth and Prosperity with media technology. Learning economics is fun when you include videos, relevant exercises, and audio clips. The center offers its next workshop on 9/29 in Traverse City. If you have an idea or a need, contact the center at ceee@nmu.edu.

Common Sense Economics

book-178x300_tlarge.jpgCommon Sense Economics is a book, which was written to help people learn how the economy works. It covers subjects such as generating wealth and how to make sound economic choices. There are many workshops relating to the book being offered and to sign up for these upcoming workshops go to  www.commonsenseconomics.com. These workshops include a presentation of and provide training for this exciting new course developed by the Florida State University Stavros Center and NMU CEEE. The information given by this book is suitable for use at both the college and high school levels, this flexible multi-media course package targets students who may take only one course in economics.

NMU Student Opportunities
NMU CampusMany different types of opportunities exist for Northern Michigan University students at the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, including:
  • Internships
  • Pre-service workshops for education majors
  • Materials development
  • Community presentations

To learn more, go to Student Opportunities

Center Receives an Award

Albert_Beekhuis_Award._2012_tsmall.PNGThe NMU-CEEE won the prestigious Albert Beekhuis 
Award at the National Council for Economic Education Conference in 2012!