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Art and Design at NMU

Click the image above to go to the School of Art and Design Web site.  The site features descriptions of academic programs and course descriptions, as well as pictures of the facilities and samples of student and faculty artwork.  For prospective students, four-year academic plans for the studio Bachelor of Fine Art degrees and a list of freshman scholarships are also available.  Questions about our programs can be easily forwarded to faculty directly from each studio site, and these inquiries will be answered as soon as possible.


NMU Student Artwork and Projects
students in art building

Students in human-centered design were chosen to attend a Milan, Italy fair. Find out more about their journey with a video series here.


Interested in Digital Cinema or Electronic Imaging? Download student video artwork for your iPod here.

30615.jpg The DeVos Art Museum is currently hosting a show called Be Here, By Me. The exhibition features two and three-dimensional works by Grand Rapids, Mich. based artist Mariel Versluis.  united_092412_1609a.jpg The SAG is a student run art gallery that provides NMU students a place to display their artwork. Look for it in the University Center or click here.
DeVos Art Museum

DeVos Art MuseumThe DeVos Art Museum will be hosting an exhibition called UP Focus by Cynthia Cote, Greg Green and Jack Oyler. All three artists combine different elements of traditional image making (drawing, painting, woodworking) with forms of collage.


NMU Student Art in Michigan's House of Representatives

Alyssa Moy of Plainfield, Ill., is among 22 students froalyssamoy.jpgm Michigan’s public universities selected to have works displayed in the Michigan House of Representatives’ annual "Art in the House" exhibit. She is an illustration and metalsmithing major at Northern Michigan University. More information here.