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Department of Political Science and Public Administration

If you’re interested in government, public policy and international relations, a political science major is a great choice. The study of politics not only provides awareness and understanding of national and international political processes, it motivates students to become active, competent citizens and employees. In our preparatory programs for careers in political science, law, public relations and education, students are nurtured as talented and ethical leaders and educators.

Experience Learning

You’ll learn how groups govern themselves, how policies are made, changed and improved. You’ll take classes to acquire skills in communication, analysis, independent thinking and problem definition and solving. You’ll not only study actual cases of political and administrative tensions, you’ll help resolve them locally, regionally and statewide. You can meet and observe judges and lawyers in action or work on political campaigns.

Career Excellence

Many of our graduates have gone on to serve as congressional aides, journalists, elected officials, state and federal agency representatives, city managers and more. Many continue on to law school or further education to become professors, hospital administrators and researchers.

Let NMU give you the tools to land the internship of a lifetime with one of our partners in Washington D.C.Paralegals play a critical role in law firms and are in high demand across the country.

Degrees Offered

Law student in library

What you'll do at NMU

Quickly learn everything about Peru as you serve as the representative of that country in the Model United Nations—an annual event our top students travel to and take part in with other students around the country. Act as a prosecutor and fight for right in mock trial competitions. Spend a semester in a local classroom, fielding probing questions from future leaders. Take part in the Washington, D.C., Internship Program and find yourself responsible for legal papers in the U.S. Justice Department or for article research at USA Today. Maybe you’ll give a live report from the floor of a presidential convention. Whatever you do, you’ll have the personal attention and support of talented, caring teachers every step of the way.

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