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The study of philosophy answers questions about the way we live by exploring art, literature, history, social science, mathematics and natural science. The philosophy program at NMU helps you find your own answers, while becoming articulate in speaking, writing, thinking and reasoning. In the process, you will receive training in analytical thinking and problem solving -- invaluable skills for any career.

Experience Learning

Our faculty members work closely with students to provide a well-balanced education in traditional as well as contemporary philosophy. You will often use current events and real-world situations to explore different aspects of behaviors and reactions and examine theories set in global, multicultural environments. You will learn how professionals work in business, healthcare and technology, for instance, deal with ethical issues on a daily basis, or discuss the junctures of religion and science with clergy members and biologists. Learn more about the practical value of philosophy.

Career Excellence

Employers value our graduates' abilities to comprehend difficult material and to think and write clearly and logically. Many NMU philosophy students have gone on to careers in business, journalism, politics and public service, while others continue their education and become professors, lawyers and doctors.  Read more about careers for philosophers.

A philosophy degree makes it possible for individuals to have sustained success in their careers. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/philosophy/alumni-survey-responses">Read more about what alumni have gone on to do.</a>With the help of NMUStudents are recognized for outstanding work each year with a series of awards and scholarships. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/philosophy/awards">Learn more.</a>

Degrees Offered

Bachelor Degree

What you'll do at NMU

As an NMU student, your opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community are boundless. Join the NMU Philosophy Club to form new friendships, bring speakers to campus and travel to philosophy conventions around the country with people who share your passion for critical thinking. Serve as a tutor to help other students understand topics and polish papers. Intern in a business or community-assistance organization to get a first-hand look at how philosophy and moral issues are played out. Study abroad to expand your understanding of what is valued and shunned in other cultures. With a large selection of liberal studies courses to choose from in this major, you'll learn more about yourself and others than you ever imagined. Whatever you choose to do, you'll have the personal attention and support of talented, caring teachers every step of the way.

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