Transfer Credit

Maybe you dual-enrolled at a college while in high school, or have taken courses at another college after high school graduation.  NMU has favorable credit transfer policies.  Below, you will find three resources to look up courses and their equivalency at NMU.  General transfer credit information follows.


Transfer Credit Tools

Click here for a listing of how NMU accepts AP® (Advance Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) scores. You can also review the Advanced Placement policies in the Undergraduate Bulletin.Students who have completed Advanced Placement testing must request an AP Score Report for each test completed to be sent to NMU’s Admissions Office,

The transfer equivalency site allows you to view a full list of courses from your college that NMU has previously evaluated for transfer credit. In each case, start by picking the college you are transferring credit from to find the coordinating NMU number and title.  These large lists are best used with the current NMU course catalog and the catalog of your current college for transfer course planning.

The course-by-course equivalencies website will allow you to look up five classes at a time from your transfer school to see how they transfer to NMU.  This is best used when you know a few course numbers you want to look up, or if you want to isolate only courses you have completed or plan to complete.

If you do not see your college, a course you have completed, or a course you plan to complete on the lists, it does not mean the courses will not transfer; it probably only means that we have not evaluated the credit for transfer.  Please contact your NMU admissions counselor to get more information.

When a transfer course equivalent cannot be determined, a more general interpretation may be awarded. The transfer credit key lists the definitions of these interpretations.

The transfer credit information provided reflects the current evaluation of courses from this college.  Changes will occasionally take place at NMU and your college, so the information provided is subject to change.  Students should contact an NMU admissions counselor to keep informed of these changes.  Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student.


General Transfer Credit Information

When the content of a transfer course is determined to be equivalent to a Northern course and the credits for the course are at least half that of the Northern course, the Northern course is awarded. If the transferable course has fewer credit hours than Northern's course, the lower amount is awarded.

Within a few weeks of being admitted to NMU, transfer applicants will receive an evaluation of their submitted transcripts detailing their transfer credit. Generally, college level courses with grades of a C- or better from regionally accredited institutions will transfer.  Some departments require a minimum grade of C or better to count towards meeting degree requirements.

Students transferring credit from two-year colleges may transfer a maximum of 64 semester credit hours and an additional 4 semester credit hours of physical education. In situations where more than 64 semester credit hours are completed at a two-year college level, the most applicable courses to a student's intended major are transferred. There is no maximum credit limit for four-year colleges or universities; however, the "residency requirement" of courses to be completed at NMU to earn a degree still apply.

If you have specific questions, an admissions counselor can also assist you. Feel free to e-mail us at