Transfer Credit Resources

Maybe you dual-enrolled at a college while in high school, or have taken courses at another college after high school graduation. Northern Michigan University provides transfer tools and resources to assist future students as they plan and prepare for an efficient transfer to NMU. Whether you have already completed the coursework and want to know how it will transfer, or are looking to plan out additional coursework before transferring, the resources below should be able to assist you. If you have completed or are completing courses at a Michigan school, additional transfer resources are available through the Michigan Transfer Network website

In many cases, you should use these tools and resources with a high school or community college counselor, and/or your NMU admissions counselor.  

The transfer credit information provided in the resources below reflect the current evaluation of courses from the colleges listed. Changes will occasionally take place at NMU and your college so the information provided is subject to change.  Students should contact an NMU admissions counselor to keep informed of these changes.  Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student.

Transfer Credit Resources at NMU

Please view our bulletin to view the list of classes required for the major you are seeking to declare at NMU.

NMU accepts AP® (Advance Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) scores. You can also review the Advanced Placement policies in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students who have completed Advanced Placement testing must request an AP Score Report for each test completed to be sent to NMU’s Admissions Office,

This resource allows students with prior college credit, or those considering enrolling in college courses, to search through previously evaluated courses from many U.S. colleges and universities and see how the courses would transfer to NMU. In each case, start by picking the college you are transferring credit from to find the coordinating NMU number and title. These large lists are best used with the current NMU course catalog and the catalog of your current college for transfer course planning.

This resource allows you to look up classes by the course listing of your home institution to see how they transfer to NMU. You may look up to 5 classes at a time.  This is best used when you know a few course numbers you want to look up, or if you want to isolate courses you have completed or plan to complete from the larger list provided in the course equivalency database.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NMU maintains a list of transfer course guides from two-year colleges in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, though we may be able to provide other guides. The guides are displayed by NMU academic major based on the college you select on the transfer course guide database. These guides are best used by someone planning to complete up to four full-time semesters before transferring to NMU from a community or technical college. We recommend referring to the guides early and often before registering for courses elsewhere. 

Don’t see the transfer course guide or course for your college or major? Go to to request specific information about your intended major and email afterward. 

*If you do not see your college, a course you have completed, or a course you plan to complete on the lists, it does not mean the courses will not transfer but rather that we have not evaluated the credit for transfer.​​​​​​​

Transfer Agreements

Northern Michigan University values its partnerships with other colleges and universities. View our articulation agreements and "reverse transfer" agreements using the link above.