Wildcat Wire January 23, 2015

Wildcat Wire iconThe New Year has arrived at Northern Michigan University and so has another issue of the Wildcat Wire newsletter. Northern students have returned from break and are fearlessly heading into this semester's classes. We hope your break was restful, and that you are motivated for a strong finish to your senior year (or last semester).

First, a Little History: This newsletter is sent only to those students who have been admitted to Northern. If you were recently admitted and this is your first exposure to the Wire, feel free to visit www.nmu.edu/wildcatwire to review previous issues.

Fearless in the Face of 12 Years of School: Suzy Dupler '07 (Wallace, Michigan) and Amanda Moraska '08 (Menomonee, WI) agree that NMU stands toe-to-toe with the best schools in the nation in terms of quality provided. NMU helped mold and prepare them for tackling the workload of medical school and finishing their residencies at one of the nation's finest hospitals. "To me it's shocking when I talk to students who went to bigger universities to hear their classes were taught by grad students. That's so mind blowing to me because how could a grad student teach to over 100 students something as complex as chemistry. That's crazy, how could they get as good of an education as I received? I don't think they did," Suzy said. Amanda remembers the strong pre-med program played a major role in her decision to enroll at NMU. "The science departments' faculty and staff are amazing and dedicated. They understand what is required to be successful in the application to medical school and beyond and they are dedicated to helping motivated students." The relationships NMU has cultivated with the area hospital-systems and physicians provides students with ample volunteer and observation opportunities. When it comes to the quality of education, NMU's pre-med students receive, Amanda agrees with Suzy. "Many of my classmates at Mayo Clinic have gone to Ivy League schools for undergrad, but I have to say that I felt more prepared than most of them for the academic load and content covered in the first years of medical school." Currently both Amanda and Suzy are practicing anesthesiology at Cleveland Clinic. Amanda as chief resident with Suzy finishing up her final year of residency. The two feel fortunate to have landed at such a great hospital. Cleveland Clinic is viewed as one of the world's finest, ranking fourth in U.S. News' nation's best hospital for 2014 list.

Submitting the FAFSA: For many students, the fear of affording college is very real. To help with the task, most students do receive some form of financial aid, so it is important to become familiar with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is required in order for you to be considered for any financial aid assistance (including student loans). Talk to your parents about getting their taxes done early this year; you will use that information on the FAFSA form. If that can't be done, have them pull last year's tax return so you can submit an estimated FAFSA application by March 1. Next, visit FAFSA- U.S. Department of Education. You’ll need NMU's financial aid code, which is 002301, so that your information can be forwarded to us.  The target date for filing is March 1 for maximum aid consideration. If you attend our Wildcat Weekend visit day on Saturday, March 21 and have completed your necessary paperwork, you can meet with a financial aid counselor to pick up and discuss your financial aid award letter. If you have any questions about the process, contact the NMU Financial Aid Office at www.nmu.edu/finaid or at 800-682-9797. They will have extended evening hours throughout the month of February if you are needing additional assistance.

What about the Costs? Talking about financial aid may cause you to ask, “Just what does it cost to attend NMU?” You can visit our cost calculator to see for yourself.  Then learn more about the value NMU provides for your tuition dollars. Grab mom and dad and visit the value website. You will see how affordable NMU is compared to other universities. Throw in the mobile device initiative, the variety of strong programs, as well as our beautiful location and the benefits will be easy to realize.

NMU Honors MLK.  Throughout this week, NMU students are holding numerous events in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. On Monday, January 19, instead of following a normal class schedule, students participated in various service projects, a march, and a gathering for refreshments and reflection. On Wednesday, Jan 21, Representative Brian Sims (D) of Pennsylvania spoke on key issues. For more information on this and other events sponsored by the Multicultural Education and Resource Center visit www.nmu.edu/merc. You can also learn more about volunteering at NMU here.

Fearless in the Face of Snow: Wondering what to do in the winter in Marquette? Check out this video to see some of the awesome adventures that await you.

MUSH, MUSH!  Where can you see the largest dogsled race in the lower 48 states? Well, the UP 200 sled dog race happens right here in Marquette with the help of roughly 500 NMU students. Now, seeing as we are the Wildcats, we don’t normally welcome large groups of dogs to our community (especially Huskies, our Michigan Technical rivals), but this is a little different. The start of this year’s race is Friday, Feb. 13, and is followed by a weekend's worth of activities. What a great time to come on campus for a visit. Visit campus Friday, have a nice dinner in town and then help send off the dogs with the thousands of fans that line the starting chute. On Saturday, tour the Marquette area and maybe get in a few runs at the ski hill (students who visit campus get a “ski free” pass!). Sunday morning, cheer those dogsled teams to the finish line at Mattson Lower Harbor Park on the lakeshore. To schedule your campus visit, go to http://www.nmu.edu/cvp. For more info on the sled dog race, go to the UP 200 website.

Speaking of Campus Visits: Northern Michigan University is hosting its biannual Wildcat Weekend Open House on Saturday, March 21. This open house allows you experience NMU with other prospective Wildcats. Touring campus, meeting with faculty and staff, and participating in a session to get a feel for academic life on campus are just a few things you can do during your Wildcat Weekend. Go to www.nmu.edu/weekend for complete details and to register. Registration closes at 5:00 p.m. (EST), Tuesday, March 17.

You're months away from becoming a Wildcat and we cannot wait to see you on campus! Go Cats!