Application Fee Exceptions and Waivers

NMU Marching band in Homecoming ParadeApplicants must pay the application processing fee unless:

  • They have paid once already at the same degree level for which they are applying (students pay only once at the undergraduate level and once at the graduate level .i.e. once before receipt of baccalaureate degree and once after, if continuing); or
  • They qualify for the senior citizen tuition waiver (age 62 and older).

In the event that an applicant does not attend NMU for the initial term of application, the application fee will be applied to any term occurring within one calendar year of the initial term of application.

A waiver of the $30 (undergraduate) or $50 (graduate) application fee may be available to any applicant who may suffer a hardship or is financially unable to pay the fee. To qualify for an application fee waiver, please submit a letter of support or have a letter of support written by a parent, guidance counselor or any other individual aware of the situation.

To pay the application fee students may mail a check or money order (high school students can ask that their payment be included with the counselor form and transcript) or can pay by credit card by calling 1-800-682-9797 or 1-906-227-2650. You may also pay online.