Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print the application?

At this time, we do not have a paper version of the Residence Hall or Apartment Applications. Only our Summer Housing Applications are available only as a paper version.
If you are not able to complete the application online, please contact us and we will work to mail you a paper copy. Applications

What is the Housing Requirement?

The housing requirement is described in the housing guidelines.

How do I apply for a residence hall room?

If you are a new student to NMU, you may apply for a residence hall room by completing the online application. The Residence Hall Application is completed online through the housing portal which can be accessed under the Admitted tab in the MyNMU system. At the time of submittal, a $50 Room Reservation Fee is due. You are also required to pay a $200 advance payment before you can self-select your room in a residence hall. Students who just complete the Residence Hall Application will still be assigned a room though by early August, based upon their living preferences in their application. 

Will financial aid cover my housing?

This varies depending on how much financial aid you receive.  Since financial aid is not available before the first room and board payment is due, each student must pay the $50 Room Reservation Fee each year with personal funds.  Financial aid will be applied first against tuition and fees.  Financial aid in excess of financial obligations will be returned to the student. 

How do I pay my advance payment?

Students who are new and returning to residence halls for the Fall semester need to pay their $200 advanced payment before they can start the room selection process. Students who are new to the residence halls for the Winter semester must pay this by December 1. To do so, log in to your MyNMU account. Enter the housing portal using the link on the bottom left side of the page. Click "Applications and Forms," then choose the "Advanced Payment" for the semester which you have applied for.

How big are the rooms?

To see residence hall dimensions, as well as a description of different room types, click here

When will I get my housing assignment?

Hall assignments and roommate information (name, address, and telephone number) will be mailed to each student near the beginning of August for those entering in the Fall, and on December 22 for those entering in the Winter. See details of the hall and room assignment procedures

When does the housing contract begin?  Can I move in early?

The fall semester housing contract for residence halls begins at 8 a.m. on the Thursday prior to the beginning of classes.  Students participating in an approved University function (e.g., employed at the University and must arrive early, mandatory team practice, etc.) may be granted permission to arrive early and check into their room.  If a student needs to move in early, they must contact the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Can I room with my friend?

You and your friend will each need to request each other after you have both completed your applications. Log into your MyNMU and enter the Housing portal, click "Room Selection" at the top of the page, then "Roommate/Suitemates" to search a person by last name or to use the advanced roommate search if you are not sure who you want to live with. Once you send a request, it will only be honored if the other person confirms that request. You may also select suitemates through the same process.

What if I don't get along with my roommate? 

It's important to remember that your roommate does not need to be your best friend in order to be a good roommate. Discuss the expectations you have for your room before you get to campus. You will receive a roommate and suitemate agreement within the first few weeks that will help you to discuss your expectations. If things are not working out, talk with your RA. They can help you talk with your roommate and try to work through any issues. If that does not work, it may be possible to move rooms. 

Can I have a single room?

Probably not, except to students assigned to single rooms in Spooner Hall, our designated upperclassman hall. If you are looking for additional privacy in the residence halls, we recommend the private shared suites in The Woods complex. In this style, students still have a roommate and suitemates, but each person within the suite has their own private bedroom. 

What is included in a residence hall room?

  • Two extra long twin beds
  • Two study desks and two chairs
  • Dresser space
  • Blinds for window
  • Shower curtain
  • Two Trash cans
  • Recycling bin
  • Phone service is provided in Spalding, Quad II, and up-campus, but students need to supply their own phone. There are no phone lines in student rooms in The Woods.

How does laundry work?

Laundry costs are included in the comprehensive fee you pay each semester, so there is no need to save all of your quarters, and there is not a card to re-load on a regular basis. You may do your laundry as often as you need to. You will need to provide your own detergent, which needs to be high-efficiency. Please do not use laundry detergent pods in our equipment. 

Who is responsible for cleaning the bathroom?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms. The desk has brooms, mops and vacuums for rent, but you will need to bring your own cleaning supplies. 

Is there a community kitchen where I can cook my own meals?

There are community kitchens in all of our residence halls. They are equipped with an oven, stovetop, and refrigerator. The front desk has some cooking supplies you can check out.

What should I bring to campus?

For your convenience, here is a list of things to bring for your room if you choose. You may also look at our comprehensive packing list here

What is not allowed in the residence halls?

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons
  • Chemical or Explosive Materials
  • Sun Lamps
  • Clip-On Lamps
  • Electrical Heaters
  • Hot Plates
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Pets other than fish
  • Candles
  • Wireless routers
  • Hoverboards 
  • Drones 

Do I have to be on a meal plan?

All students living in residence halls on campus are required to be on a meal plan. The options available to each student depend on class standing as well as hall assignment. Please visit for more information. You may also contact NMU Dining Services.

Can I build a loft?

Lofts cannot be constructed in the residence halls. However, they are available to rent. Specific loft kits are available on a limited basis at a cost of $35 per semester. The kits may be requested once residents receive their room assignments. There are a limited number of loft kits per building, so be sure to order early.

When do the residence halls close?  Can I stay in my room over the breaks?

Residence halls are closed for the Thanksgiving Break, Semester Break, and Spring Break, but students may make arrangements to stay in their rooms during those breaks. Information about break housing can be found here

Residence halls close at noon on Sunday after the last final exam of the fall and winter semesters, and only those students who properly registered may stay past those times. 

Where do I get my mail? And what is my address?

Mail (U.S. and campus) addressed to residence hall tenants, as well as other material/announcements directly related to official university matters and programs will be placed in residence hall student mailboxes Monday through Saturday during the regular school year.  Oversized mail and packages will be held at your hall's lobby reception desk and may be picked up during normal desk hours by presenting the desk receptionist with the package notice slip you will receive and a pictured ID.

While you are living on campus, your incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
123 Your Hall
Marquette, MI 49855

Please be sure to include "Hall" after your hall name, and note that "Northern Michigan University," "NMU" and/or "1401 Presque Isle" does not appear anywhere in the address.