Living Green and Gold

  • 91% of students living in residence halls said they knew how to recycle within their hall.
  • 82% of students living in residence halls said they were conscientious of recycling within their hall.
  • 73% of students living in residence halls said they were interested in learning how to conserve energy in their hall.


*Numbers based on a 96% response rate of the Fall 2008 Student Perception Survey.


LEED Certification

"Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design"

The LEED program is intended to promote the design and renovation of buildings that will operate in an environmentally responsible way and to identify those that are successful in doing so.

  • Meyland Hall is LEED certified
  • Van Antwerp Hall is Silver Level LEED certified
  • Hunt Hall is Silver Level LEED certified

For information on the LEED program, visit the U.S. Green Building Council's Website




Dual-Valve Toilets

Hunt and Van Antwerp Halls are equipped with Sloan's Dual-Flush valve toilets. This is the first commercial valve of its kind to reduce water volume by 30%. Lifting the handle up saves half a gallon of water, using 1.1 gpf (gallons per flush) while pushing down initiates full flush, which uses 1.6 gpf. The toilet's green antibacterial coated handle protects against germs.

For more information visit the Sloan Website.




Shower Shut-Off Valves

Hunt Hall is equipped with shower shut-off valves to save on water consumption. The EPA states that taking a five minute shower can use about 1/3 the water required for a 70-gallon bath.

Check back soon for updates from Hunt Hall on the use and effectiveness of the valves.




Energy Saving Light Technology

The recently renovated buildings of Quad I (Magers, Meyland, Hunt and Van Antwerp Halls) and the Woodland Park apartments are equipped with energy saving light technology. Every other hallway light fixture shuts off at 10:00pm nightly. This allows the building to remain safely lit but cuts down on the energy used to light each hallway.





Green Cleaning Supplies

Spartan Brand's Green Solutions Cleaning Products

Housing and Residence Life was the first office on campus to require all of it's buildings be cleaned and maintained with Green Solutions cleaning products. Green cleaning supplies provide many benefits to the facilities that use them: they improve air quality, provide healthier facilities, reduce water and waste pollution and reduce waste by using concentrated products.

For more information visit the Spartan Chemical Company Website.



NMU Recycles

Each residence hall room is equipped with a recycling bin to encourage residents to recycle everyday products. NMU has programs that support recycling the following materials: Batteries, glass, latex paint, ink jet/toner cartridges, metal, paper, plastic and waste oil.

For more information on reycling at NMU visit NMU's Recycling Committee Website.