Action Projects

For about 15 years ending in 2018, Northern Michigan University participated in the HLC AQIP Pathway for accreditation. The university completed Action Projects to continuously improve. Although AQIP is no longer an accreditation pathway offered by HLC and, therefore, NMU no longer completes AQIP projects, continuous improvement remains essential to the institution. Information on this webpage relates to the historical use of AQIP projects to structure NMU's ongoing continuous quality improvement work. 

What were Action Projects?  Action Projects were concrete improvement projects that provided the Higher Learning Commission with evidence that AQIP institutions were seriously committed to continuous improvement. According to AQIP, Action Projects showed that shared efforts could result in positive change for the university. While projects were often thought of with respect to their resultant product, equally important were refining processes. All AQIP institutions were required to have at least three Action Projects active and underway at all times.

Action Project Timelines.  Action Projects did not have a set timeline – they took 6 weeks, 6 months, or 2 years. The projects permitted institutions to learn how to identify and solve problems quickly.


Currently, NMU is accredited on HLC's Open Pathway