Spotlight on...December Graduates

Congratulations to our December graduates!  To read more about our amazing graduates, click here.

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7th Annual Housing/Superior Edge Logging Competition Winners


House Competition:
American Graffiti, VA – 3,218 hours
Breakwater, Payne – 2,278.97 hours
Narnia, Magers – 1,933.75 hours
On-Campus Apartments:
Norwood Apartments – 1,931.5 hours
2nd Floor Woodland – 995.25 hours
1600's Lincoln – 856.5 hours


Congratulations to both American Graffiti and the Norwood Apartments!  They will each win $200, receive a plaque with their name on it, their name will be put on the perpetual plaque that is displayed in the LRC, and their photo will be displayed on the Superior Edge website. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Logging Competition!

Superior Edge Skating Party

Check out photos from our skating party on Superior Edge's facebook page or by clicking here!

Get Superior Edge cords when completing all four edges

Superior Edge graduates who completed all four edges (yes, that's at least 400 hours and 5 reflection papers) will be sporting these sweet blue cords at commencement!


Log Your Hours

The only way you can get credit for your activities is to remember to log your hours as you go. Log your hours here.  If you want a refresher on how to log, watch this video.  We look forward to reading your logs.  If you want more information about how to write your reflection paper, please check out this short video.

Students Stats by College
(as of September 16, 2014)

Did you know that 2,126 of NMU's 8,592 students have chosen to participate in Superior Edge - or about 25% of our student population?  Here's the breakdown by college:

Arts & Sciences - 965
Business - 178
Professional Studies - 862
General University - 121
Total Superior Edge Participants - 2,126

Click here to find a breakdown by department.


2012-13 NASPA Excellence Silver Award

Total Edge Hours and Count
(as of September 18, 2014)

Total hours completed since 2006 is 614,174.

Citizenship Edge - 339 edges completed
Diversity Edge - 325 edges completed
Leadership Edge - 464 edges completed
Real World Edge - 560 edges completed
Superior Edge (all four edges completed) - 246 edges completed

Orientation Dates

Interested in becoming a Superior Edge participant?  Your next step is to attend an orientation.  There will be six orientations during the winter semester.  Check back in January to register.

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 4-5 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 30, Noon-1 p.m.
Monday, Feb. 2, 5-6 p.m.
Thursday, Feb. 5, 7-8 p.m.
Friday, Feb. 13, 11 a.m.-Noon
Tuesday, March 10, 5-6 p.m.

December Graduates

Congratulations on graduating from NMU and Superior Edge!

If you haven't done so already, please send your responses to the questions below to

Please let us know the following:
1) How would you like our name (with your middle name or middle initial, etc.) on your Superior Edge certificate?
2) If your name is hard to pronounce, please let us know the phonetic spelling.
3) Which edges do you plan to complete?
4) What are your major and hometown?
5) Highlight an activity (100 words or less) you did while in Superior Edge that you are most proud of and why.
6) What are your plans after graduation?
7) Please e-mail us photos of yourself (head shot and one of you in action) with the rest of this information to

Friday, Dec. 12 - Graduation Reception, Noon-1 p.m., Peter White Lounge, UC.

As a reminder, you may want to print out a copy of your logs to have for your records before you graduate.

More Info about Superior Edge
Superior Edge VideoTo find out more about Superior Edge, please watch this video.

If you are interested in becoming a Superior Edge participant, your next step is to attend an orientation.  Our next Superior Edge orientation...