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Action Project

In April and June 2015, NMU launched two new Action Projects. Developing a Student Inquiry and Complaint Tracking Process is scheduled to be in place for one year. Transparency Project: Communication, Collaboration, Process and Procedure in University-Wide Decision-Making is scheduled to run for eighteen months. Copies of the Action Project Declarations are linked from their respective Action Project pages.


2015 Strategy Forum


NMU sent eight people to an AQIP Strategy Forum in April 2015. Attendees included Fritz Erickson, President, Lesley Larkin, Acting Provost, Gavin Leach, VP Finance and Administration, Steve Neiheisel, VP Enrollment Management and Student Services, Leslie Warren, Dean, Academic Information Services, Rhea Dever, Director of Human Resources, Cindy Paavola, Assistant to the President – Strategic Initiatives, and Kim Barron, Director of Institutional Accreditation and Assessment - AQIP Liaison. While at the Strategy Forum, NMU team members successfully developed the Action Project charter, Transparency Project: Communication, Collaboration, Process and Procedure in University-Wide Decision-Making. This Action Project will launch on June 1, or six weeks after returning from the Forum. The Strategy Forum team also presented NMU's Action Project Revising General Education Learning Outcomes and Assessment to representatives from other AQIP colleges and universities who attended the Forum.



Celebration of Learning Annual Celebration of Student Works

Each spring, NMU hosts a "Celebration of Student Research, Creative Works and Academic Service Learning."  Approximately forty presentations, each 15-minutes in length, as well as posters are part of the day-long celebration. NMU’s student technology awards are also presented.

Current Documents
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Road Map to 2015

NMU’s Road Map to 2015 and Beyond academic and university strategic plan, which former President Les Wong unveiled in March, has become the impetus to another level of continuous improvement.  The plan identifies NMU’s strengths with goals to build upon them and makes working on some of the universities weakness the priority for the foreseeable future. 

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