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NMU Robotics Club Makes a Comeback!

It's time to bring the NMU Robotics Club back.  Now that we have a bigger NERL (Northern Evolution and Robotics Laboratory) in Jamrich Hall, the club will have more room to meet and build robots!


If you're a computer science or net computing major and are interested in joining, our first meeting will be this Friday.  If you're unable to attend this week's meeting, no worries.  There will be others.


NMU Robotics Club Meeting
Friday, September 12, 2014
5-6 PM
The NERL (2110 Jamrich Hall)
Contact:  Dr. Jeffrey Horn
















































For more information on the Elementary Education Math Club, click here.



New Sofas for Computer Science Lab

Thanks to donations from our computer science alumni, two new sofas and coffee tables were purchased for our new Computer Science Lab in Jamrich Hall. Our CS students enjoy not only working in the lab but also hanging out there with each other.


As always, thank you to all alumni who make donations every year. It's because of you that we are able to provide things like this for our students.

New Computer Science Laboratory



Upcoming Events:

October 3-4  MAA Regional Fall Meeting

October 3-5  Code Michigan Programming Contest

November 1  College Math Challenge

November 7  Argonne Symposium

November 8  ACM Programming Contest

Colloquium Series

Join us for presentations on interesting and informative topics. Colloquiums are typically held on Tuesdays at 12 PM or 4 PM. Our 2014-2015 schedule and previous schedules are here.

This Week's Colloquium:  Friday, September 19th