NMU Board Hosts Installation of President

investiture procession

On Monday, Feb. 9, the Board of Trustees held a formal investiture for NMU's 15th President, Dr. Fritz Erickson. Pictured above are senior faculty member Peter Goodrich (carrying the mace) and chair of the board, Rick Popp, in the procession to the investiture. At the ceremony, Erickson formally received the presidential medallion, known as the chain of office, from the NMU Board of Trustees. View a video of the investiture ceremony online.

News and events
board discussing North Stars charter

NMU Board Reauthorizes North Star Academy Charter

The NMU Board of Trustees voted to reauthorize North Star Academy's charter at their  Feb. 10 meeting. The contract is for two years, with a two-year extension if the academy continues making progress toward goals. North Star is one of 10 public school academies chartered by NMU. The new contract goes into effect July 1. More Information

group of students with board of trustees at luncheon Board of Trustees and "Fearless" Student Luncheon

The NMU Board of Trustees hosted a luncheon as part of the investiture celebration with a collection of students from campus. Students were chosen by their participation in the NMU sponsored "Fearless in the Face of" Instagram contest, or by their participation in sharing their "Fearless" stories on NMU's blog

2014 -15 Meeting Schedule

The NMU Board of Trustees meeting schedule for the calendar year 2014 is as follows:


  • Thursday and Friday, Dec. 11-12
    (followed by Dec. 13 commencement)


  • Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 9-10
    (Board Retreat, no formal university business)
  • Thursday and Friday, April 30-May 1
    (followed by May 2 commencement)
  • Thursday, June 18
  • Friday, June 19 (Board Retreat off campus, no formal university business)
  • Thursday, July 23
  • Friday, July 24
    (Board Retreat off campus, no formal university business)
  • Thursday and Friday, Sept. 17-18
New Board Members Appointed
Marquette residents Robert Mahaney and Tami Seavoy were appointed to the Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees by Gov. Rick Snyder. Both will serve 8 year terms, expiring Dec. 31, 2022. Learn more about Seavoy and Mahaney here.
2014 Capital Outlays Priorities

The NMU board approved the university's fiscal year 2014 capital outlay project priorities, which universities are required to submit annually to the state. NMU’s top three priorities are a renovation and addition to the Learning Resources Center, an academic facilities upgrade project involving Forest Roberts Theatre, the McClintock Building and the Physical Education Instructional Facility and the renovation of Cohodas Hall.