NMU President

Dr. Fritz J Erickson became Northern Michigan University's 15th president on July 1, 2014. A higher education administration veteran, his focus areas of expertise are in education, technology and psychology.

Office of the President

The mission of the President is to serve as the chief executive officer of Northern Michigan University. As such, he is charged with the development of administrative policies, programs and procedures to guide the university.

Event Requests

If you would like President Erickson to speak or attend one of your events, please fill out this form at least 30 days prior.

The new academic year opened with Fall Convocation on Aug. 23 with President Erickson revealing the new architectual renderings for the upcoming University Center renovation. <a href="http://bit.ly/2ijJjBY">View video of Convocation program</a>NMU has recently closed the third phase of its strategic planning with its <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/president/strategic-implementation-plan-february-2017">strategic implementation plan</a>. The other two stages were developing NMUPresident Erickson provided updates on campus issues and projects at the fall university forum. <a href="http://bit.ly/2zBt9vJ">View Video</a>