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Our 2015-2016 Team

Our current team has room to grow! We are seeking members to serve on both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs committees of the General Assembly. 

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2015-2016 ASNMU Members

Left to Right: Sheila Williams, Cecilia Smith, Lindsey Lieck, Liz Dow, Katie Liubakka, Sara Spragg, TJ Aiyash, and Vito Giannola (not pictured is Anne Marie Wellman)  

We are a group of passionate and hard-working students dedicated to assisting our fellow students in making the most out of their time at Northern Michigan University. 

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us today! We are a ready to help!   






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We currently have open positions in our General Assembly and on University Committees!

Anyone is welcome to apply. Fill out an application today! Applications are being reviewed throughout September.

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Our office is located at 1203 University Center. If you have anything you would like to discuss with a member you can always stop in or if you just want to simply say, "Hello", feel free to do so! We always enjoy a conversation with fellow students!

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