Student Finance Committee Members

"Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference." -Barack Obama


The Student Finance Committee is charged with allocating funds from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations that submit budget requests. This is how many groups on campus receive funding for their programming, such as Campus Cinema's movies and the annual Drag Show. If you are interested in requesting funds from SFC, please contact the ASNMU Treasurer/SFC Chairperson.

If you wish to join SFC, please fill out and submit an application form located on the ASNMU website.

The following are the members of the Student Finance Committee for 2017 - 2018.


Norah Johnson | Treasurer & SFC Chairperson

Major: Political Science & Environmental Science


Phone: (231) 392-6159


Office Hours: M,W: 3pm-5pm R: 3pm-6pm

*by appointment only, no walk-ins


Taylor Ayers, SFC Secretary

Taylor Ayers | SFC Secretary

ASNMU Secretary


Major: Computer Science



Phone: (906) 227-2452

Office Hours: M: 10-11a and 1-3p, T: 10-11a and 1-3p, W: 10-11a and 12-3pm, R: 12-4p, F: 10-11a and 12-3p


SFC Board Members

Holly Anderson, SFC Member

Holly Anderson


Major: Accounting




Sarah Klinger, SFC Member

Sarah Klinger


Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Pre-Professional & History





Madeline Wiles


Major: Communication

Minor: Gender and Sexuality Studies





Tyler Burns

Off-Campus Representative

Major: Criminal Justice

Dual Minor: Emergency Medical Services







Haley Rhoades | Assistant Dean of Students




Phone: (906)-227-1700