Student Finance Committee Minutes

Fall 2020

Minutes for August 31st

Minutes for September 21st  


Winter 2020

Minutes for January 27th
Minutes for February 3rd 
Minutes for February 10th 
Minutes for February 17th
Minutes for February 24th

Fall 2019

Minutes for September 17th
Minutes for September 30th
Minutes for October 7th
Minutes for October 14th
Minutes for October 28th
Minutes for November 11th
Minutes for November 18th
Minutes for December 4th (EFG Meeting)

Winter 2019

Minutes for January 24th

Fall 2018

Minutes for August 13th
Minutes for September 20th
Minutes for September 27th
Minutes for October 11th
Minutes for November 8th
Minutes for November 15th
Minutes for November 29th
EFG Minutes for December 6th

Winter 2018

Minutes for January 18th
Minutes for January 25th
Minutes for February 22nd
Minutes for March 1st
Minutes for March 15th
Minutes for March 29th

Fall 2017

Minutes for September 7th
Minutes for September 21st
Minutes for September 28th
Minutes for October 5th
Minutes for October 19th
Minutes for October 26th
Minutes for November 9th
Minutes for November 30th
Minutes for December 7th

Winter 2017

Minutes for January 26th
Minutes for February 9th
Minutes for February 16th
Minutes for February 23rd

Minutes for March 2nd

Minutes Reasoning

Minutes for March 16th
Minutes for March 23rd
Minutes for March 30th

Minutes for April 6th

Minutes for April 13th
EFG Minutes - April 27th

Fall 2016

Minutes for Spetember 1st
Minutes for September 15th
Minutes for September 22nd
Minutes for September 29th
Minutes for October 20th
Minutes for November 3rd
Minutes for November 16th
Minutes December 1st

Winter 2016

Minutes for January 21st
Minutes for January 28th
Minutes for February 4th
Minutes for February 11th
Minutes for February 25th
Minutes for March 10th
Minutes for March 17th
Minutes for March 24th
Minutes for March 31st
Minutes for April 12th
Minutes for April 21st


If you are looking for minutes before Winter 2016 semester please contact and we will happily send them to you.



If you are looking for agendas before Fall 2015 semester please contact and we will happily send them to you.