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** Check out our transfer student scholarship page for changes to our qualifying GPA range and scholarship amounts! **


Are you interested in transferring to Northern Michigan University from a university or community college?  We can help make that process easier and answer questions that you have about your credits, NMU, and the Marquette area.  You will find some resources for transferring, below; however, do not hesitate to contact your transfer admissions counselor if you want additional guidance.


Who is considered a transfer student?

The Admissions Office considers anyone who has attempted any college coursework after high school graduation a transfer student for admission purposes.  Some resources on this page may be useful to high school students taking dual-enrollment courses or completing middle/early college programs.  Students who have completed or plan to complete AP, IB or CLEP tests can see the minimum scores needed for course credit by clicking here.


Transferring from a Michigan college or university?

If you are transferring from a Michigan college, learn more about the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  Contact a transfer admissions counselor for additional details or with questions. If you're transferring from Bay College, click here for specific resources for you.


Transferring to NMU from an out-of-state college or university?

The transfer process for an in-state and out-of-state student is extremely similar.  The primary difference is the cost; however, we offer merit transfer awards to help reduce the cost, and there are some ways to be considered an in-state resident for tuition purposes, such as being a veteran or dependent of one or if your parent/guardian is an NMU alum.  

NMU is a transfer-friendly institution and courses transfer well from regionally-accredited colleges and universities all over the country.  If you have questions about the transferability of your coursework or need assistance with transfer planning, please contact your transfer admissions counselor, below.


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The best way to learn about Northern Michigan University is to visit our campus.  We offer campus tours five days a week and you can customize your visit to meet your interests.  Go to to see both visit options and schedule a visit.


Are you a community college counselor or adviser?

If so, please visit our current counselor newsletter (September 2016) for features and counselor updates.

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Find your NMU transfer admissions counselor:

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Michigan - Lower Peninsula
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