Students can view or print their grade report from, usually by the first Thursday after the semester ends. Grades cannot be obtained by telephone and NMU does not mail grade reports.

Grade of MG– A grade of "MG" (Missing Grade) is issued when the instructor does not submit a grade for a student by the grading deadline. Students who receive a "MG" should contact the instructor or department head to determine the reason why a letter grade was not issued and when the grade will be recorded.

Grade of X– A grade of “X” is normally issued when a particular course continues to meet after the grading period of a semester. Students who receive an "X" should contact the instructor or department head to determine when the grade will be recorded.

Grade Changes– If a student believes that an error has been made in issuing a final grade, the student must contact the course instructor no later than three weeks into the following semester. If the instructor agrees that there was an error made, the instructor will fill out a change of grade form. The instructor will then submit the form to the department head for review and signature. Once reviewed and signed by the department head, the change of grade form is forwarded to the college dean for final review and a signature. The college dean will then forward the form to the Registrar's Office for processing. This process will take several days or up to two weeks. If your grade does not get corrected, contact your instructor. Please do not call the Registrar's Office about the status of a change of grade because the Registrar's Office will not have any knowledge or information about your grade change until the completed form is received. When the Registrar's Office receives the grade change, students will be able to view the corrected grade on All forms received by the Registrar's Office are uploaded to the computer daily.

Students who believe that they have been unfairly graded in a course should follow the appeals procedure outlined in the NMU Student Handbook.

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Directions for Obtaining Grades

  • on the Web, go to MyNMU
  • enter your User ID and Password*
  • click the Student Services folder tab
  • click the Academic Services folder tab
  • under Student Records, click View Grades

*If you do not know or have forgotten your user ID and password go to to look it up or reset it.

Print an Official Copy of Your Grades
Open window on computer that displays your grades; (see above directions)


  • on your keyboard, press ALT + Print Screen (PrtSc)
  • open FrontPage or Microsoft Word
  • right click your mouse and select paste
  • print grades and save document


  • on your keyboard, press CTRL + P
  • print grades

Grade Report Confidentiality
In accordance with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Northern Michigan University policy prohibits the release of grade reports to anyone other than the student.