Wildcat Fit Zone

Mission Statement

NMU Rec Sports seeks to create a campus community where the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle is encouraged and valued by providing a comprehensive program of sports, recreation, wellness activities, educational opportunities and services. 

Wildcat Fit Zone

Phone: (906) 227-2116

Established during the Fall 2017 academic year, the Fit Zone was created to better serve the wellness needs of Northern Michigan University students who may be living on campus. This NMU-student-only recreation area allows those commuting to campus and living down campus the ability to "workout" between classes or attend a group fitness class when there is not extra time to get over to the much larger PEIF Recreation Center.

The Wildcat Fit Zone is located on campus between the Hunt/Van Antwerp and Magers/Meyland residence halls. Occupying the roughly 10,500 square feet of facility space are 15 cardio pieces (Treadmills, Bikes, Stair Climber and Ellipticals), hand weights ranging from five pounds to 50, plyometric equipment, a cable cross as well as a fitness studio (which is available for rent as well as group fitness classes).

Students are able to access and utilize the Wildcat Fit Zone as well as the PEIF Recreation Center through the purchase of their student rec pass.