PEIF Rec Center Policies

NMU Rec Sports COVID Reopening Policies, Summer & Fall 2020

Northern Michigan University Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports prides themselves with maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our patrons and employees. Safety has always been and continues to be our number one priority. Due to the current pandemic, we will be instituting a number of policy and procedural changes for the Fall 2020 academic school year. Patrons will notice a number of significant changes from our normal operating procedures. These changes are necessary to allow us to open and to be able to provide a safe environment for our community to enjoy our facility. These policies have been adopted and approved by the NMU COVID Safety Council. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our patrons and staff as we implement these necessary changes.
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To view the addendum and changes/addition to January 16, 2021 facility policies, click here


Recreation Guidelines

  • Use of recreation facilities, programs and services is a privilege. Valid university or membership identification is required of all students, staff, and community members for use in all facilities. Fraudulent use of identification to gain access to recreation facilities or programs will result in loss of all facility and program privileges.
  • Harassment of university students, faculty, staff, members, guests or employees, disruption of activities, misuse of equipment, endangerment of others or willful destruction of property will result in loss of privileges and disciplinary actions involving NMU Public Safety (See NMU Student Handbook, Student Code).
  • Participation in programs, classes, and informal recreation contains an element of inherent danger including serious injury or even death. Participation in all activities is on a voluntary basis at the individual's own risk. All participants are strongly encouraged to undergo a physical examination and consult with their personal physician before participating in recreational activities.
  • Policies specific to recreational areas within the PEIF Recreation Complex (ie. pool, fitness, studios, rec center, climbing wall, etc.) may be found online or at the Information Center.  

Patron and Membership Responsibilities
As a Rec Sports Member, Patrons have the responsibility to:

  • Read, understand, and abide by all policies and regulations of the Rec Center and Programing areas
  • Respond to and cooperate with Rec Sports staff members
  • Be considerate to other patrons and Rec Sports staff members and respect their individual rights
  • Take responsibility for personal and community security. For example, patrons should not misuse safety equipment, prop open doors, allow individuals without valid passes into the Rec Areas, etc.
  • Recognize that recreation facilities and their furnishings are used by everyone and that abuse of those areas violates the rights of others

NMU PEIF Rec Center Policies

  • All members using the PEIF Rec Center, activity areas or programs, are required to present a valid NMU Rec Membership Card upon admittance.
  • Attire:
    • Shirts (t-shirts or full tank top)
    • Athletic bottoms (without zippers or rivets) and must fully cover gluteal folds
    • Shoes must: be non-marking, fully enclose foot, and be clean/indoor shoes
    • Excessive clothing is not permitted (vinyl clothes, gloves, multiple layers)
    • Swimwear is restricted to the locker rooms and swimming pool area
  • Food, gum, and beverages are prohibited (except in the concession stand and lobby areas). Note: Water bottles with a lid are permitted in Rec Center areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and tobacco products are not allowed in the NMU Rec Center or other activity areas.
  • Profanity or vulgar language is not allowed. Any display of poor conduct, abusive language, fighting, or willful destruction of NMU property may result in loss of facility privileges.
  • Running and bouncing balls in the hallways is discouraged.
  • Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Weapons are prohibited.
  • Cameras, web cams, and video cameras are not allowed to be used unless prior permission is granted from NMU Rec Sports Administration.
  • Personal Items should be secured in lockers.  NMU Rec Sports is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  • Activity area rules are posted in the weight room, pool, fitness rooms, racquetball and basketball courts, saunas, and the climbing wall. Please read and adhere to these policies.
  • Participants utilize all facilities, activity areas, and programs “at your own risk”.
  • The NMU Rec Center incorporates the entire student code of NMU into its rules. All county, state, and federal laws will apply as needed.
  • Individuals wishing to utilize the facility on their own must be at least 14 years of age. Individuals aged 12 & 13 must have a parent signed consent form on file with Rec Sports if they are purchasing a day pass. Youth members age 12-14 that are a part of a family membership or have an individual year long membership may be in the facility without a parent present. Individuals under age 12 must have a parent (guardian over age 18) present at all times with them in the facility, regardless of membership type.
    • All day pass users, under age 16 without adult supervision, that purchase a day or punch pass on a local community school snow day or day that there is no school must leave the PEIF Rec area by 5:30 p.m.
  • The use of weapons inside the facility is strictly prohibited with the exception of wooden or metal swords being used for recreational courses and activities.

Fitness and Dance Studio

  • Participants must have a fitness pass or hand stamp depending on the type of class or studio that the class is held in
  • Participants must be 14 years old
  • Participants must return and clean equipment, weights, and mats when finished being used
  • Participants must wear appropriate attire and indoor athletic shoes
  • Participation is “at your own risk”

Basketball Courts

  • No Dunking. Do not grab rims or nets.
  • Organized practices are not allowed.
  • Half court play is allowed when full court play is not occurring.
  • Shoes must be non-marking and fully enclosed.
  • Attire (shirts and shorts) is required at all times, unless a 5 on 5 game is occurring that requires designation of “Shirts vs. Skins”.
  • Basketballs may be rented at the Info Center.
  • Soccer balls, Frisbees, and footballs may not be used inside the PEIF Rec Center courts
  • The Rec area courts are the only courts designated for use by PEIF Rec Members, back gym use is only available on a reservation basis

Weight Room

  • Must be 14 years of age
  • Proper attire is required (shirt, fully enclosed shoe, shorts)
  • No Chalk
  • Spring Collars are required when using weight bars
  • It is recommended participants use a bar pad or manta ray when performing squats
  • Individuals not able to move and control weight should have a spotter or not lift that weight amount
  • Do not drop or stand on: Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Bars, or Benches
  • Return all equipment when finished using
  • Equipment or machines should be cleaned after use
  • Equipment should be used in a safe manner, consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The NMU Rec Center holds the exclusive right to all personal training in the facility. Any trainers not employed by NMU Rec are not permitted to train clients within the complex.
  • Patrons may not bring in personal weight or resistance training equipment or machine(s)

Cardio Equipment and Cardio Deck

  • Must be 14 years of age
  • Proper attire is required (shirt, fully enclosed shoe, shorts)
  • Participants must be facing forward while using equipment
  • Excessive clothing is not permitted (vinyl clothes, gloves, multiple layers)
  • There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardio equipment when other patrons are waiting
  • Participants may not hold weights or dumbbells while using cardio equipment

Racquetball/Wallyball/Handball/Ping Pong

  • Courts must be reserved before use at the Info Center.
  • All participants must have a membership, and must check in at the Info Center before using a court.
  • Equipment may be rented at the Info Center.
  • Eye protection is required at all times.
  • Lights must remain on during play.
  • Courts may not be used for team practices, dance practices, batting, or frisbee.

Pool Rules

  • Every individual entering the pool must have his or her hand stamped or have demonstrated membership status.
  • Every individual using the pool or diving well must shower before entering the water.
  • A responsible adult must accompany children under the age of 12, and be no less than 18 years of age to do so.
  • Cut off shorts, pants, shoes, and shirts are prohibited swimming attire.
  • Individuals with the appearance of an open or infected wound (s) are prohibited from using the pool.
  • Food, drinks (excluding water), glass bottles, and gum are prohibited from the deck and pool area. 
  • Lifeguards have the authority to revoke swimming privileges and or close the pool when deemed necessary. 
  • The use of US Coast Guard Approved lifejackets is permissible in both the diving well and lap pool; however, all lifejackets must be first approved with the lifeguard on duty.
  • Lanes one and two shall remain open as a free swimming area unless there is a designated class or lesson occurring in previously mentioned area. 
  • Lanes three through eight are strictly for lap swimming.
  • Hanging from or pulling on the basketball hoop’s backboard, rim, and net is strictly prohibited. 
  • Hanging on the lane lines and using the starting blocks is prohibited during open recreation.
  • The use of sinking and or floating toys/objects is at the lifeguards’ discretion.
  • Aqua joggers are to be used only by patrons enrolled in aquatic fitness classes.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • Diving is not permitted in the lap pool.
  • Diving boards are open daily at 1pm.
  • Forward flips and forward dives are the only approved maneuvers off of the boards.
  • Lifeguards have discretion over allowing individuals into the diving well. Patrons under age 12 must perform a swim test each time they utilize the PEIF lap or diving well.
  • Appropriate swim wear must be worn when utilizing the pool. Swim wear must have a liner in the shorts or suit and must be made of non-cotton material.
  • Use of a diving brick or other weighted device for sustained breath holding exercises, in either pool, is prohibited.


  • Patrons have the option of purchasing a towel & lock for the day for $5 and a photo id. When the towel and lock are returned, the patron will receive their photo id back.
  • Lockers are available for members to purchase on a semester or yearly basis. When a locker is purchased, the patron receives one towel.
  • Towels may be exchanged at the front desk. However, patrons must present a towel to receive another towel.


  • The user of saunas is limited to those who have purchased a rec membership or day pass.
  • Long exposure to sauna temperature may result in nausea, dizziness and fainting. Reasonable use time is 10 minutes, not to exceed 20 minutes.
  • Individuals with any of the following conditions should not use the sauna:
    • Heart disease, high or low blood pressure, circulator or respiratory problems, seizures or epilepsy.
    • Under the use of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics and/or tranquilizers.
    • Pregnant women
  • Sauna patrons must use a towel or cloth barrier between their skin and bench.
  • Children under the age of 16 may not use the sauna.
  • Shower before using the sauna and when going from the sauna to the pool.
  • Saunas are dry saunas. Use only limited amounts of water on heating rocks.
  • Patrons are expected to exhibit conduct appropriate to a university recreation center setting. Lewd or disorderly conduct is prohibited and should be reported to the building manager and public safety.

Climbing Wall

  • All PEIF building rules and policies must be followed.
  • The climbing wall is to be used only during scheduled open hours with climbing wall staff on site.
  • All climbers (both youth and adult) must have a signed liability waiver form on file to use the climbing wall.
  • Climbers are expected to follow recommendations and requests of climbing wall managers and staff.
  • Shoes must be worn for all climbing activities, including walking and belaying on the crash pad. Only shoes with clean soles will be allowed on the wall. Shoes designed for technical rock climbing or clean, soft-soled tennis shoes are highly recommended.
  • Climbers who wish to belay must complete a belay training session and be approved by the appropriate NMU Recreational Sports staff. Children 14 and over may be approved to belay.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 12. Participants must be at least 5 years of age to climb the top rope wall provided they meet the harness fitting requirements. There is no age restriction to boulder; however, adult supervision is required for children under the age of 12.
  • All climbers must be belayed by an individual who has a current belay certification card (adults or children 14 and older) or by the climbing wall staff.
  • No one with an active (bleeding/discharging) wound may use the climbing wall. The wound must be covered and then approved by the climbing wall staff.
  • Food and drinks (including water) are not allowed on the crash pad. Please keep water bottles on the carpet.
  • Climbers may use personal climbing shoes, harnesses, belay devices and chalk. Harnesses and belay devices must be visually checked by staff before use. Loose chalk is not allowed at or around the climbing wall. Climbers are required to use chalk balls to reduce build up on holds and spills on the carpet.
  • An ATC and locking carabiner will be used for all belays. Belays must be from the belayer's harness. The use of anchors while belaying is strongly recommended.
  • Bouldering is not allowed to occur below roped climbers. Bouldering climbers must stay below twice their height. No climbers may boulder above the first quickdraw.
  • It is required that all participants bouldering have at least one person spotting them as they boulder.
  • Changes of orientation of holds, climbing route and overall wall configuration are made by the climbing wall staff at designated times only.
  • Climbers may wear jewelry at their own risk with the understanding that NMU Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports is not responsible for any damages.
  • Some form of belayer/climber communication must take place before each and every climb to ensure safety. Details will be covered in the belay certification process, but the recommended commands between the belayer and climber are as follows:
    • Climber


      1. On Belay?

      1. Belay On.

      2. Climbing?

      2. Climb On.

  • Unsafe climbing practices must be brought to the immediate attention of NMU Recreational Sports staff. All climbers are asked to assist and encourage less experienced climbers.
  • All accidents or equipment damage should be immediately reported to NMU Recreational Sports staff.
  • Northern Michigan University and NMU Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to restrict or deny use of the climbing wall for violation of climbing wall policies or intentional unsafe acts.

Locker Rooms

  • The use of locker rooms for showering, locker storage, and sauna is limited to Rec Members ONLY.
  • Locker rentals are available by semester or annually through the Rec Sports Main Office.
  • Northern Michigan University is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. 
  • Children ages 5 and older may not enter the opposite gender locker room Please respect the rights and privacy of others. If you have questions regarding this, please see Rec Sports staff.
  • Please report suspicious behavior to the Rec Sports staff.

Photography and Video Policy

  • Individuals wishing to take pictures or use a video tape recorder in the Rec Center or rec areas must be approved in advance by Rec Sports full time staff.

Posting Policy

  • Posting is allowed in specified areas of the PEIF building, and items may be posted by a member of the Rec Sports staff.
  • Rec Sports reserves the right to limit the total number of postings for each event. 
  • Postings must be stamped by the NMU Center for Student Enrichment before posting within the PEIF building. 

Lost and Found

  • Rec Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. 
  • Members are encouraged to store all personal belongings in locked lockers. 
  • Rec Sports staff are not permitted to hold valuables, bags, or identification cards for members. 
  • Found items and equipment will be sent to the Information Center daily. Items will only be kept for 30 days and then given to a local charity or NMU Public Safety. 
  • Patrons are highly encouraged to leave all valuables at home. 

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