TTY/TDD Service

As of September 2016, Public Safety disconnected the TDD phone at Northern's Campus. If you need to place a call using a TTY/TDD device, there is a public service called the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) that can provide assistance at no additional calling costs. The TRS acts as a relay that allows people using TTY/TDD devices to contact others with standard telephones, and vice versa. It is composed of trained professionals who are forbidden to disclose any information from calls. The national number for the TRS is 7-1-1. For more information on this service, go to or

What is a TTY/TDD?

TTY stands for TeleTYpewriter, which is a keyboard with networking ability that can print or display information. TTYs can be used to communicate via text over regular telephone lines.
TDD stands for Telecommunication Device for the Deaf, and is often used interchangeably with the term TTY. Some people prefer TTY because people who with normal hearing can use a TTY to communicate for other reasons, such as a speech impediment.