Outstanding Graduating Senior

The Philosophy Department recognizes a graduating senior on an annual basis who has demonstrated academic excellence that sets them apart from their fellow students.

2019 Mark Kowalewski
2018 Alyssa Gray
2017 Sophia Novak
2016 Zoe Ryan
2015 Emily Prychitko
2014 Amber Fullmer
2013 John Schimek
2012 Tricia Magalotti
2011 Morley Diment
2010 Brandon R. Schlacht
2009 Derek R. O'Connell
2008 Patrick Arnold
2007 Mark T. Lieburn
2006 Alyssia R. Ashkevron
2004 Jesse Koenig

Cooper-Dreisbach Award

To encourage scholarly excellence at Northern in the area of philosophy, the Department has established an annual essay competition. Winners receive the Cooper-Dreisbach Award, named in honor of two distinguished emeriti.

2019 Alex Dennis (1st prize); Jennifer Cluckey (2nd prize)
2018 Kamryn Powell (1st prize); Alyssa Gray (2nd  prize)
2016 Michael Thousand (1st prize); Zoe Ryan (2nd  prize); Sam Holmes (3rd  prize)
2015 Bjørn Kristensen (1st prize); Emily Prychitko (2nd prize)
2014 Emily Prychitko (1st prize); Leah Blanchard (2nd prize)
2013 Tyler Sproule (1st prize); Mark Surrell (2nd prize)
2012 Matthew Taylor (1st prize); Derek Larson (2nd prize)
2011 Lana Maki (1st prize); Tricia Magalotti (2nd prize)

Dr. James Greene Scholarship

2019 Benjamin Bures
2018 Malynda Whipple
2017 Alyssa Gray
2016 Stephen Wardell
2015  Andrew Miller
2014  Andrew Miller
2012  Natasha Gallagher
2011  Tricia Magalotti
2010  Matthew C. Taylor
2009  Brandon Schlacht

Learn more about the Greene Scholarship.