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Information Technology

Information Technology at NMU exists to provide hardware and software technology solutions to students, faculty, staff and alumni to satisfy their needs for information and secure automated, self-service processes. We strive to inspire, implement, support, collaborate, and innovate.


Units of IT
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"The implementation of the new access request app has dramatically increased efficiency in our operation.  We have increased productivity and accuracy while decreasing labor costs at the same time.  University staff have seen major improvements improvements on wait time and love the fact that we have gone green."<a href="">Click here</a> to learn more about Two-Factor Authentication at Northern Michigan University!<a href="">Click here</a> to get in touch with NMU IT Support<a href="">Click here</a> to learn more and download the NMU Mobile App!NMU students participated in a national survey on how college students currently use technology as part of their university experience, and how they’d like to use technology in the future. <a href="">Click here</a> to see the survey responses!
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Projects and Implementations

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Business Intelligence and Information Services 
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