Welcome Alumni and Friends

Alumni, you made a commitment to Northern Michigan University when you were a student, and as faculty, staff and administrators we made a commitment to you, one that remains strong long after you cross the commencement stage. 

How can we help you continue to engage in lifelong learning, reach the next level of your professional career, and remain connected to your alma mater?  We’d love to hear from you. Send your stories, questions and ideas to bizdean@nmu.edu. And, drop your old professors a line when you have the time to update them on what’s been happening with you; you can quickly find all their contact information on the College of Business faculty directory page.

As Northern Michigan University and the College of Business strive for continuous improvement, we’d be very interested to know what aspects of your NMU education have served you best in your career endeavors and what areas of weakness did you have when you entered your professional field.

We strongly encourage you to keep your alumni information up to date so that we can let you know about what’s happening at NMU, especially for such things as College of Business alumni gatherings and reunions.  The Alumni Web site has an online update form for your convenience.

We hope to see you back on campus for a visit, but if that’s not possible, stay connected virtually.  Welcome back to NMU!

What do business alumni have to say?

Lisa Nyquist '89

Lisa Nyquist

“Being a non-traditional student at NMU, I felt a little intimidated entering college at 29 years old. I was filled with questions: Had I made the right decision?  Would I be able to keep up with the classes and keep a part-time job?  Would I feel out of place being older than most of the 'traditional students'?  I’m happy to reflect back on that time of twenty years ago and report that those fears were unfounded!” says Lisa Nyquist (BS in Accounting-1989), presently a loan officer at Northern Initiatives, a community development financial institution, based in Marquette.  She recalls, “I felt immediately at ease in the classroom, mainly because the instructors were helpful, encouraging, and friendly. I came to college with a background in business management, but tackling an accounting degree was something that I wanted to achieve. Academic standards were high and I had to work hard, but help was available and offered willingly from my instructors.  I remember many of my instructors taking ample time to advise and coach me and other students on our future plans, or to challenge us with questions specific to what we were working on in class.  These discussions helped me broaden my perspective, particularly about career choices that I might make after graduating.”