Business Internship Programs

The College of Business at Northern Michigan University encourages students to explore internship opportunities during their junior or senior year. Internships help students better understand the differences between various jobs and functions within organizations, and also gives them a better sense of how a business or organization operates.

Student internships can take place during the fall, winter or summer semesters, and can be with companies or organizations located both within or outside of the state; students can be employed on a full-time or part-time basis. Over the years, College of Business students have participated in internships with hundreds of companies across the United States, including IBM, Kohler, Harley-Davidson, and KPMG. In some cases, our students have been offered full-time employment by the firm who held their internship.

Below is a list of positions currently available. Some students have also found helpful as they look for internships in southern regions of Michigan.

Please note - not all positions may qualify for academic credit. If you are interested in taking any internship for academic credit, you are advised to contact one of the following Assistant Department Heads PRIOR to accepting any position:

For majors in Accounting, Finance and Information Systems
Dr. Stacy Boyer-Davis

For majors in Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Brian Zinser

Log Sheet for current interns.

Internship Opportunities in Specific Fields:

All Majors

Accounting & Finance