Executive Mentorship Program

The NMU College of Business Mentorship Program brings students, alumni, and friends of the College together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, and aspirations. The Mentorship Program allows students in our remote geographic location to obtain valuable advice and insights from business alumni. This helps our students be better prepared to enter society as business professionals as well as stewards of the College of Business. Our goal is to have the mentee of today become the mentor of tomorrow so we can strengthen the ties between the College of Business and the surrounding communities and alums.

The program is now open to all NMU College of Business juniors and seniors. The objective of the program is to

Create a College-wide mentoring program that connects students with alumni in a long-term, one-on-one relationship. This is a chance for students to benefit from the experiences of alumni in the business world.

A long term one-on-one relationship allows students to build a trusting relationship with their mentor and to feel comfortable seeking career, personal, and life advice from them. For business students, the mentor-mentee relationship often becomes one of the more significant and memorable experiences of their college career.

To participate in the program, choose the appropriate link below to register. Upon receiving your registration, a representative will follow up with you.


Should you have questions concerning the program, please do not hesitate to contact the program coordinator:

Ms. Carol Johnson, carjohns@nmu.edu