Academic Probation

Guy Reading BookStudents with a grade point average that falls below a 2.00 will be placed on probation. All students, including those admitted on probation, must meet certain semester GPA requirements based on the academic probation standards listed below. Students who fail to meet these requirements will be suspended. Students remain on academic probation until they attain good standing (2.00 overall GPA).

Students on academic probation may also have to meet certain requirements including, but not limited to, meeting with their academic adviser on a prescribed basis, enrollment in developmental courses and repeating appropriate coursework.

Academic Probation Standards

Overall Credit Hours
at Time of Grading

Semester GPA Necessary
to Remain at NMU

Less than 28 credit hours

1.70 semester GPA or higher

28 to less than 56 credit hours

1.80 semester GPA or higher

56 or more credit hours

2.00 semester GPA or higher

To learn more about NMU’s academic probation program, read the Frequently Asked Questions page.