How to Register

Winter Semester Registration

The start date for registering for a fall or winter semester courses varies based on how many credits you have earned. Registration dates and times are posted on the Registration Week Schedule. In addition, students will receive an e-mail with their assigned date and time approximately one week prior to the start of registration.

Students are encouraged to review any holds on MyNMU now so that they have time to address any holds that may prevent them from registering at their scheduled start time. Not all hold have been placed on accounts yet. Holds that could affect registration will be reviewable on MyNMU the week prior to registration.

Check MyNMU for the latest information on available courses and room assignments.

New – Waitlists!   This semester, students may sign up to be on an electronic waitlist for filled courses. You can find more information on waitlisting and how to sign up for a spot on the electronic waitlist.

How to Register for Academic Courses

Students register for courses using their mobile devices at the My.NMU web site. Registration for the upcoming fall semester takes place in mid March, as does registration for the summer sessions. Registration for the winter semester begins Friday, October 30, 12:30 p.m.

Students are assigned registration times and dates for the fall and winter semesters; the summer sessions have open enrollment. Registration begins with graduate, post baccalaureate, seniors and vocational students. Juniors, sophomores and returning freshmen follow during a week long pre-registration period. Your assigned registration time is based on your class standing and how many credit hours you have completed. The designated registration dates and times are e-mailed to currently enrolled students prior to registration. Registration dates and times are also posted on the registration week schedule and available on My.NMU.

New freshmen and transfer students register for courses during the new student orientation program.

Prior to actual registration, you can review which courses are being offered for the upcoming semester by going to My.NMU and selecting the appropriate link for current or incoming student, then the semester for which you will be registering, and finally the department in which a course would be offered. You can also create customized search parameters, such as indicating you want classes that take place during a specific time range, on a particular day or online. After submitting the semester of registration, you are encouraged to completely review the full registration screen that comes up, which will familiarize you with your course registration search options.

Registration Instructions

Go to MyNMU and log in using your NMU user ID and password. If you do not know your user ID or password, go to to look it up or reset it.

Once logged in MyNMU, click on the Student Services tab at the top of the page.

Click on the Academic Services tab.

Under the Registration heading, click on Add or Drop Classes.

Select the semester for which you are registering and click submit.

If you are at your assigned registration time or past it, you can begin registering for classes. You will need the course registration number or CRN. This number will be to the far left in the course offering list.

If a course you are trying to register for is full, there may be a waitlist available. For more information on what courses have waitlists and how to use them, click here.

If you experience problems you cannot resolve while registering for courses, contact the Student Service Center, C.B. Hedgcock, Room 2201, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, 906-227-1221. If you experience mobile device-related registration problems, contact the Help Desk, 116 Learning Resources Center, 906-227-2468.

Registration Tips

On a grid sheet, plot out the courses you have selected to ensure that there are no time conflicts between the courses.

Have an alternate schedule plan.

Call the Help Desk at 906-227-2468 if you do not see the Student Services tab in MyNMU.

Do you have a registration hold?

You can find out if you have any registration holds on MyNMU by following these directions:

  • On the Web, go to MyNMU.
  • Enter your user ID and password.
  • Click the Student Services tab at the top of the page.
  • Click the Academic Services tab.
  • Under the Student Records heading, click View Holds.

Your registration date/time hold may be displayed to prevent you from registering early. Any other administrative holds listed need to be addressed and removed before you can register. You can learn about the various types of holds here.

To have the registration hold removed, contact the university office or department that placed the registration hold. Only the office or department that placed the registration hold can lift the hold.