May 2015 Board Meeting  Materials

February 2015 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

June 24 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

June 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

May 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

April 2014 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2013 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 2013 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2013 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

May 2013 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

October 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

August 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

May 15 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

May 2012 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 1 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

April 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

February 2011 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2010 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

September 2010 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2010 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

April 2010 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

December 2009 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

November 2009 Board Meeting  Minutes

September 2009 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

July 2009 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

May 2009 Board Meeting  Materials  Minutes

February 2009 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

December 2008 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

September 2008 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

July 2008 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

May 2008 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

February 2008 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

December 2007 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

September 2007 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

July 2007 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

May 2007 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

February 2007 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

December 2006 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

October 2006 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

August 2006 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

July 2006 Special Meeting   Materials  Minutes

May 2006 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

February 2006 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

December 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

October 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

August 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

July 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

May 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

February 2005 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

December 2004 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

October 2004 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

August 2004 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

June 2004 Special Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

April 2004 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

March 2004 Special Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

February 2004 Annual Retreat   Materials   Minutes

December 2003 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

October 2003 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

August 2003 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

June 30, 2003 Special Board Meeting  Minutes

May 9, 2003 Special Board Meeting   Minutes

May 2003 Board Meeting   Materials  Minutes

April 8, 2003 Special Board Meeting  Minutes

February 2003 Board Meeting   Minutes

Contact Information

Theresa Nease
Executive Assistant to the President
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Northern Michigan University

Phone: 906-227-2244