Online Exhibits

Below you can find online exhibits produced by the archives.


Remnants: Ghost Towns of the Upper Peninsula 

“Remnants: Ghost Towns of the Upper Peninsula,” an exhibit that was on display at the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center in 2016, is now online. This exciting exhibit features contemporary and historic photography and the stories of fifteen U.P. ghost town – one from each county of the Upper Peninsula.  To see the online version go to this link,


Student Protests at NMU in the '60s

This exhibit tells a complex story that involves not just the student body but the faculty, staff, administration, and local community as well. The motivations for protesting and resisting the protests were complicated. Northern had some serious problems in the late 1960s that deserved protesting. However, did the students protest for the right reasons? 


Historical NMU Buildings

Specifically limited to campus buildings constructed during the period 1899-1951, materials for this history were researched at the Central Upper Peninsula and University Archives at Northern Michigan University. Original photographs, news articles, published and unpublished histories of the university, building dedication programs and other archival materials in the archives provided the bulk of information located.


Anatomy of a Murder 50th Anniversary

This site honors John D. Voelker's novel, Anatomy of a Murder. The website contains court transcripts, testimonies, and interviews relating to his defense of Army Lt. Coleman Peterson in 1952. Voelker wrote Anatomy of a Murder based on the trial, and the novel was published in 1958. More information about the novel's publication and trial details can be viewed here

Recorded in Stone: Voices on the Marquette Iron Range

This site contains many articles, audio clips, and photographs on the history of immigration to the Marquette Iron Range.