Records Management

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Records Management

Northern Michigan University’s Records Management Department oversees and manages both physical and electronic records created during University regular operations. Our services include assistance in determination of how long records must be retained to comply with law and standards, record organization, record destruction, and long-term storage at the University Records Center.

What Records to Retain/What can be Destroyed

As a quasi-governmental agency, everything NMU creates, whether physical or electronic, is considered a record and must be retained for a length that meets NMU policy, accreditation standards, department operations, and state and federal laws and regulations.

How do you decide what to retain/destroy?

Review our What Records to Retain/What can be Destroyed guide. The guide has retention schedules, which will walk you through the process of determining how long documents must be retained and what routinely can be destroyed.

Records Management Services

Beyond maintaining retention schedules, we offer long-term storage of records at the University Records Center, destruction of confidential records, and assistance managing your records.

Record Storage Request—Send boxes to the University Records Center for storage.

Record Retrieval—Retrieve a record we are storing for your department.

Record Return—Notify us for pickup after you finished reviewing records we retrieved for you.

Confidential Record Destruction—Inform us when you want to have records confidentially destroyed.

Staff Assistance—Have record organization, storage, or destruction questions/concerns? Contact us, and we will be happy to work with you!

Records Management506 Cohodas Hallmanagerecords@nmu.edu906-227-1241