Electronic Records Management

In this age of the Internet, e-mail and webinars, preservation of electronic files is just as critical as keeping records of more tangible materials. But what to keep and how to put it in a fixed format that can be accessed in the future are questions and challenges. Here are some guidelines on managing and storing electronic records. Please contact the archives staff with  questions.

Climbing the Mountain: Digitization with Limited Means (Power Point)
Our Records Analyst describes digitization and its importance, as well as the methods of doing so.

E-mail Retention and Disposition Procedures (Power Point)
This Power Point presentation provides basic guidelines for the management and disposition of E-mail messages and attachments.

Recommended Electronic Records Filing System (Power Point)
This Power Point presentation provides some general guidelines and suggestions for setting up a filing system on your server, computer, or database.

Northern Michigan University's Electronic Records Management Policy Statement
Northern Michigan University is responsible for ensuring that its official records are retained to meet the administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical requirements of the University.  The primary purpose of this policy statement is to provide NMU offices, departments, and programs, guidance in the creation, management, protection, and disposition of electronic records.  The statement also provides guidance to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic records over time.