Online Tutoring

We encourage writers to take advantage of online tutoring while keeping in mind that face-to-face appointments at the writing center will always be more helpful. Online tutoring is primarily for writers who are unable to come to campus.

Our tutors conduct online tutorials in real time using Google Docs and sometimes the phone, so scheduling an online tutorial takes some planning ahead. Online appointments typically last between 30 and 45 minutes. Please note that tutors are only available for scheduling and conducting online tutorials when the writing center is open for face-to-face tutoring.

Essays should be no longer than 5 pages. If a paper exceeds 5 pages, a face-to-face session will be more helpful. If it’s impossible to visit the writing center in person, a paper may be divided up for separate online sessions. Simply notify the tutor in your email that your submission is a part of a larger work. 

Procedure for Online Tutoring:

  1. Download and complete this cover letter and attach it along with your paper in an email to We will not schedule an appointment if the cover letter is not attached.
  2. A writing center tutor will email you to confirm your online tutorial time. In the email, the tutor will ask you to create a Google account and provide further instructions for using Google Docs.
  3. For 30-45 minutes, you will work with your tutor to improve your writing using a combination of chat features and text editing.

Please provide feedback about our online tutoring service by e-mailing us your testimonial at