Helpful ESL Resources

The sites below contain practice with grammar, listening and other activities. If you know of another useful website, please e-mail us a link at

Dave’s ESL Café Resources for ESL students and teachers including idioms, slang, quotes, a job center, and discussion forums

Activities for ESL Students Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles for ESL students. Includes Bilingual Quizzes by language.

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab Provides videos/audio files that help ESL students test their pronunciation.

 ESL Movie Guide ESL Movie Guides gives a detailed synopsis of popular movies with a summary of the plot, a list of major characters, and an extensive glossary of vocabulary and various cultural references.  

Karin's ESL PartyLand ESL students and teachers can find quizzes and on-line exercises, lesson plans, e-mail exchanges, 25 discussion forums, a job center, ESL links, a bookstore, and more

ESL Lounge Activities and resources for ESL students

ESL Gold Has free materials for both students and teachers with all materials categorized by skill or level for easy access

Essay Info: Essay Writing Center Contains information on how to write certain essays.

ESL Podcasts from China232 Podcasting for ESL students that teaches slang and everyday English conversation for intermediate to advanced.

Bright Hub ESL resources for teachers.

Information for ESL Students Abroad