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Tutoring update 3/24/2020

All Campus Tutoring has many courses with tutors assigned through the EDUCat class pages. If you do not see your class on the following list please send us an email. We are at act@nmu.edu. Our tutors are monitoring messages and can contact you with information or set up a ZOOM appointment. We are happy to talk with you about how you are adjusting study techniques with this online format, can give you pointers on how to manage a homework calendar. Classes with tutors on EDUCat pages: AH 102, ACT 230, ACT 240 BI 111, BI 207 (Prof. Jezylo), BI 218, CS 120 CH 105, 109. CH 111, 1112, CH 315, 325, CH 450. Physics, PSY 250, SW 230.

Specialized Tutoring

The Tutoring Center also offers specialized tutoring for classes offered in the Jacobetti Complex. See a full list of classes available for a variety of majors here


NMU’s Tutoring Center also curates a wide variety of resources for NMU students on their website. Visit the full list and see how what you can do on your own in addition to our services.

Whether you’re having a problem speaking Linux or Spanish, solving an algebraic equation or equating Yeats to Keats, there are <a href=Find a workshop that fits into your schedule to help build all the skills necessary to be successful in classes. <a href=

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Tutoring Services

All-Campus Tutoring / act@nmu.edu / 906-227-2618
Jacobetti Complex Tutoring / tutorJCO@nmu.edu / 906-227-2283