Walk In Schedule


Update 1/22/2021....

Winter services for All Campus Tutoring will take place with sign up appointments only and will again be conducted with a one to one meeting.

Due to COVID concerns with social distancing and delivering tutor assistance safely, we must make sure to space out students’ arrival and how many can be in the tutoring center at a time. We strive to make this process as accommodating as possible.

Signing up for appointments will happen by using the Starfish link on your MyNMU Student Service tab, see information below.

A list of the subjects covered with tutoring will be both in person meetings, with a few online tutoring options.

All Campus Tutoring will begin Sunday, January 24th.


Sign up for an appointment with a tutor using StarFish

  1. Start by logging in to your MyNMU and open the Student Service Tab.

  1. Find the Starfish link in the middle of the page.
  2. Your “HOME Page” has your success network of instructors and advisers assigned to you.
    1. Scroll below your list of network connections to find other services
    2. Select All Campus Tutoring

  1. Tutors are listed with the subjects they can tutor in.
    1. Click on their profile picture or the 3 dots to the right of their picture to schedule.
    2. Select “schedule”, then select “tutoring” and continue.
    3. This brings you to the page with their available appointments.

  1. Appointments are limited to 40 minutes. You may not sign up for consecutive appointment slots. Depending on interest, we may have to limit the number of appointments per week.