Academic Programs

Academic Programs

One of the finest and most active undergraduate Theatre and Dance programs in the country can be found at Northern Michigan University. If you’re interested in pursuing a theatre or dance related career, and are willing to work hard to gain the necessary experience and skills, then a theatre or dance degree from NMU may be for you.

Majoring in Theatre and Entertainment Arts (BA)

Majoring in Dance (BA)

Majoring in Musical Theatre (BFA)

Majoring in Theatre Technology and Design (BFA)

Theatre and Entertainment Arts Minor

Dance Minor


As a student in the Department of Theatre and Dance, you will have the opportunity to become involved in many aspects of NMU theatrical productions; from performing, directing or choreographing, to working on production, design, and technical teams. These are all experiences from which you will gain critical knowledge and acquire marketable skills and competencies.

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers offstage employment opportunities in our Marketing Office/Box Office, Costume Shop, Scene Shop, and Electrics Shop.

  • Marketing Office: Design programs, create exciting social media posts, and so much more! The marketing office makes sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Box Office: Sell tickets, work as a house manager, and welcome patrons to NMU Theatre and Dance!
  • Costume Shop: From sewing to sizing, the costume shop makes sure our actors are always looking fabulous.
  • Scene Shop: From building the many pieces of a set to putting it all together on stage, our scene shop is always bustling with activity. 
  • Electrics Shop: Light up the stage! The electrics shop handles the lighting and sound elements of every production.



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