Chemical Inventory & Safe Colleges SDS Repository

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If you have any questions please contact Kim Hegmegee,, ext. 1415; or Mike Bath,, ext. 2757. 


In order to comply with regulatory requirements, including the MIOSHA General Industry Hazardous Communication Standard and MIOSHA Hazardous Work In Laboratories, an annual inventory identifying hazardous materials on campus is required. The purpose is to ensure that the hazards of chemicals on campus are evaluated, and that information concerning their hazards is available to employees, students and visitors.  


Northern Michigan University has committed to inventorying hazardous materials on site annually as described below (see items required to be inventoried).  By providing the NMU Safety Department a chemical inventory list annually, the safety data sheets for all chemicals on campus are provided on Safe Colleges SDS Repository.  Included below is a list of items that may be required to be inventoried as well as items not required to be inventoried.

For a list of items that may be required to inventory please refer to the Chemical Inventory Guidelines and the Waste Disposal Guidelines


Reporting Your Chemical Inventory to NMU Safety Department Using the Hazardous Material Inventory Additions.


To view and print the current inventory for each department, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to NMU Safe Colleges SDS Repository Online

  2. Select Building and Room Number

    • Right click on the page

    • Select Print

  3. Cross out any chemicals you no longer have on this list. The Safety Department will Archive those no longer used. 

  4. For additional products, use the Hazardous Materials Additions worksheet.

  5. This list must be provided to the Safety Department in a manner that is easy to decipher. 

  6. Sign the Hazardous Material Inventory Additions Worksheet and forward it to the Safety Department, Kim Hegmegee.

  7. The information submitted by your department will be updated in the Safe Colleges SDS Repository via the Safety Department.