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Moving Expenses

Date approved: 2-2-2000
Last update: 1-1-2015
Approved by: President
Oversight unit: FINANCE & ADMIN, VICE PRES
Level: Admin Policy

To control moving expenses.


Full-time salaried employees.


University departments may authorize the reimbursement of relocation expenses for newly hired regular full-time salaried employees.  The new hire must be relocating from more than 120 miles away from Marquette, Michigan.  The University department and/or division is responsible for the funding of the relocation reimbursement.  The maximum allowable reimbursement the department can authorize is 5% of the starting base salary.  In unusual circumstances, a reimbursement over 5% may be authorized by the divisional vice president or the president if budget resources are available.  Moving expenses are limited to the cost of (1) transportation of household goods and personal effects, and (2) travel (including lodging, but not meals) to the new residence.  Receipts are required for reimbursement of all expenses.