Prerequisite Courses

Several of the core courses in the MBA program have undergraduate course prerequisites. Students with prior coursework in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, information systems, management, operations management, statistics and calculus can enroll in the MBA courses directly. Students without the prerequisites may still enroll in limited MBA courses while completing the prerequisites for the other MBA courses.

Relevant professional experience may be substituted for some or all of the prerequisite courses.  Please contact us at or 906-227-2947 of 906-227-2900 for undergraduate courses offered at Northern Michigan University that will meet the prerequisites for the MBA program courses.

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Here is a list of NMU courses that meet prerequisite requirements for MBA courses:

ACT 240 Principles of Accounting II

FIN 351 Financial Management I

MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing

MA 109 Introduction to Probability and Statistics