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BUS 500 Managerial Communication

3 credit hours

Students will improve their abilities to communicate orally and in writing as managers, both to internal and external audiences. Through analyses and practice of communication strategies adopted by successful business professionals, students learn to write clearly and concisely, improve interpersonal and team competencies, deliver compelling oral presentations, construct effective arguments and communicate effectively across various cultures.

BUS 510 Business Law and Ethics

3 credit hours

This course examines corporate culture, corporate governance, stakeholder responsibility, social responsibility, legal rules and the importance of business ethics in a global economy. Students will become acquainted with the theoretical basis of business ethics: stakeholder-theory, theories of responsibility and normative ethical theory and intercultural ethics. They will learn the characteristics of ethical issues in business and acquire the ability to solve an ethical problem using the decision-making process. The course will result in the ability to create and defend a corporate ethics program.

BUS 520 Management Information Systems

3 credit hours

This course provides a managerial perspective of information technology within an organization. Students will explore how tactical, operational and strategic objectives of a business may be supported with information systems. They will explore how business functional areas may be integrated through information technology. In addition, they will study how an organization is impacted by economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of this technology.

BUS 530 Organizations: Structure, Behavior, and Human Performance

3 credit hours

This course is divided into three major components: micro organizational behavior, macro organizational behavior and human resource management. Micro organizational behavior focuses on individual and group-level problems. The section on macro organizational behavior focuses on organizational-level problems as they relate to improving organizational performance. The human resource management segment will focus on recruiting, selecting, evaluating and disciplining employees.This course introduces some of the central topics in management theory, research and practice, and provides the basis for understanding and evaluating organizations and their management.

BUS 540 Marketing Strategy

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: MKT 230

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the process of developing and implementing marketing strategy. Through the use of strategy-related readings, cases, applied exercises and a course project, students will develop and refine strategic marketing planning and problem-solving skills.   

BUS 550 Business Statistics

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: MA 109

Designed to help managers understand, create and apply statistics and research methods to solve business problems. This course surveys research methods and the underlying concept of validity with the understanding that statistics based on invalid data are not useful in decision making. The course examines an array of statistical methods including measures of association, measures of difference, multivariate analysis and non- parametric statistics with an appreciation for probability as a basis for understanding the message of these statistics, an eye toward knowing when each particular test is appropriate and an understanding of the components of the calculations and how their values affect statistical results.

BUS 560 Quantitative Decision Making

3 credit hours
Prerequisites: MA 109

This course explores the use of various Operations Research/Management Science techniques to model and solve various business problems. Spreadsheet software (specifically Microsoft Excel) will be used extensively in the modeling and solution of these problems. Some topics covered are linear programming, integer programming, decision analysis, queuing models and simulation.

BUS 570 Managerial Accounting

3 credit hours
Prerequisites: ACT 240 and MA 109

Develop understanding of concepts of accounting information for planning and control of enterprise activities including concepts of cost measurement and analysis, cost behavior, profit planning, standard costing, operational and capital budgeting, decentralization and decision support. Focus on decision makers’ analysis of accounting information and formulation of effective action plans based upon that analysis.

BUS 580 Financial Analysis and Management

3 credit hours
Prerequisites: FIN 351

This course is designed to cover corporate topics of interest to MBAs. It includes treatment of some theoretical issues in finance, as well as practical application of those topics. Topics include: ethics, global issues in finance, time value of money, cost of capital, financial forecasting, firm valuation, capital budgeting, risk analysis, capital structure and dividend and firm reinvestment issues.

BUS 590 Strategic Management

3 credit hours
Prerequisites: Complete 4 BUS (MBA) classes.

Strategic Management is a study of the process of developing an integrative plan for a company to progress toward the achievement of its goals and objectives. The interactive roles of the board of directors and senior managers are emphasized. Techniques are used to integrate middle-level managers and supervisors into the planning process. Strategic management requires the implementation of a macro-environmental analysis and the use of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and quantitative and statistical tools.  This is the capstone course in the MBA program and requires a research project and report.

BUS 595 Special Topics in Business Management

1-4 credit hours
Prerequisites: Approval of MBA program director

Courses offering subject matter of timely and not necessarily enduring nature; special courses that take advantage of a faculty member or visiting lecturer's current research or expertise. This class is available to provide students with unique learning opportunities.

BUS 598 Directed Studies in Business Administration

1-4 credit hours
Prerequisites: Approval of MBA program director

This class provides unique opportunities for individual students to concentrate on areas that are not ordinarily covered in the core classes or to delve more deeply into an area of interest introduced in a core class.