Math Placement

Summer 2020-Changes to reflect orientation moving to an online format:
Students will be placed into appropriate math and major courses based on their SAT or ACT math subscore. If a student has not submitted SAT or ACT scores, they will be contacted by their assigned academic adviser to complete further testing that will allow them to be in the courses that they need. More information about your specific placement or further testing will be provided during orientation. If you have questions about math placement, please contact the Academic and Career Advisement Center at 906-227-2971 or  


All students entering NMU are required to take a math placement exam unless college-level credit in mathematics has already been earned and will transfer appropriately to NMU. For additional information and requirements please visit: MATHEMATICS PLACEMENT FAQ or e-mail:

To retake the math placement test, please contact ACAC or click here: Math Placement Retakes